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Tensorfow Utilities

  • tfbm: High level decorator-based interface and CLI and tensorflow benchmarks.
  • kblocks: Keras blocks with dependency injection and an efficient, dynamically configurable CLI.
  • meta-model: A framework for simultaneously building data map functions and learned models for model-dependent data preprocessing pipelines.
  • tfrng: Unified interface for different random number generation implementations and transforms for deterministic pipelines.
  • tf_marching_cubes: peicewise-differentiable marching cubes implementations.
  • tf_nearest_neighbour: brute-force kernels and tf.py_func hacks for KDTree implementations.
  • sdf_renderer: differentiable signed distance function rendering in tensorflow.

Dataset Repositories

Data IO and cleaning is a necessary evil of almost all machine learning research. I maintain the following repositories for downloading and preprocessing publicly available datasets using tensorflow-datasets.

Reproduced Work